How to Find Public Records in Delaware?

How to Find Public Records in Delaware?

Delaware has a Freedom of Information Act that stipulates what makes up a public record within the state, the government organization that holds such information, and who has access to them. This public records law applies to vital documents, government records, and information on government contractors. 

Can You Find Delaware Public Records Online?

Public records are accessible online using the FOIA request form per the Delaware Freedom of Information Act. The kind of records, topic matter, dates, and individuals in the correspondence must all be described in as much detail as possible by the requester.

Delaware Public Records Act

The Delaware legislature passed the Freedom of Information Act in 1977 to ensure the public gained access to the records kept by governmental entities. Any Delaware resident may obtain public records, and providing a reason for the request is not necessary.


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Examples of Public Records Found In Delaware

Below are some of the most common Delaware public records and how to access them:

Delaware Vital Records

Birth, death, marriage, and divorce records are examples of vital records in Delaware. Birth records are confidential for the first 72 years. 


After this period, they become public documents available through the Delaware Public Archives. On the other hand, death records become publicly available 40 years after the death and are private and only provided to family members and legal representatives during this time. 

Marriage records in Delaware are private and only accessible to the groom and bride or their close relatives for the first 50 years following the wedding date. 


Delaware marriage licenses that are older than 50 years old are public records that anyone can access. Divorce records are accessible to everyone, but only the individuals specified on the document or their family members can request certified copies.

Certified copies of these records can be obtained by mailing the Office of Vital Statistics or available online using the following contact information.


Office of Vital Statistics,
Jesse S. Cooper Bldg.,
417 Federal Street,
Dover, DE 19901,
P.O. Box 637
Online request: Vitalchek

Delaware Criminal Records 

In Delaware, criminal records are considered public records and can be accessed by anyone, with some exceptions. 


The Delaware State Bureaus of Identification (SBI) lets you search for criminal records by name, firm name, or case type and review case facts and activity. 


The major exception to criminal records is that details from ongoing cases remain confidential until the unit completes its investigations.


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Delaware Court Records

In Delaware, court records are regarded as public records and are obtainable by anyone. There are a few exceptions, such as records containing adoption records and trade secrets.

The Delaware Judiciary is in charge of keeping track of court records within Delaware. Courts Information System (DELJIS). You can access court records through the Delaware Judiciary public access portal, DELJIS public access portal. 

If you need assistance or have questions about accessing public records, contact the Delaware Judiciary Clerk's office at (302) 255-0800 or by email at [email protected]


You can also use this website to access the DELJIS portal and search for court records in Delaware.

Delaware Driving Records 

A copy of your Delaware driving records can be obtained in person at every Division of Motor Vehicles site in the state. You may also get a copy by logging onto your Delaware MyDMV profile or mailing a completed request form to:

Division of Motor Vehicles,
ATTN: Driver License Administration,
P.O. Box 698,
Dover, DE 19903

Delaware Property and Land records

Delaware property and land records can be found through the Registrar of Deeds for the county where the land or property is situated. 


Each Registrar of Deeds office has an online search that allows you to look up registered land documents by name, date, and type. The Registrar of Deeds also provides copies of land documents and deeds. 

Note that each of these inquiries is subject to a modest cost. The three counties in Delaware all have their Recorder of Deeds office located within the counties. However, you can visit the Delaware Land Records website to gain access to land records for the three counties.


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Tips for Accessing Public Records in Delaware

1. To start, go to the Delaware Public Archives website, where you can conduct a historical records search.

2. To find essential data, including birth, death, and marriage certificates, visit the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services website.

3. To obtain criminal records, including background checks and arrest records, you can also contact the Delaware State Police.

4. To get court records, including those from civil and criminal cases, go to the Delaware County Clerk of Courts office.

5. Look for public data, such as property ownership, company licenses, and court records, using online search engines like TruePeopleSearch.

Note that a formal request or fee may be necessary for some public records, even though many are accessible for free. Be sure to follow the appropriate procedures and guidelines for accessing public records in Delaware.

Tips for Staying Safe When Using Online Public Records Databases

Be cautious with the information you disclose: Avoid revealing personal data like your social security number or driver's license number, and offer the required information.

Choose a reliable source: Rely on respected online public records databases rather than less reliable websites that might have incomplete or obsolete data.

Your private information should remain private: While accessing databases of public documents, use a VPN or secure connection instead of free public WiFi.

Keep an eye on your data frequently: To be sure there hasn't been any strange activity, regularly check your credit report and other financial accounts.

Reduce your exposure: by minimizing the quantity of information online about you or choosing not to participate in public record databases.


You can efficiently obtain all types of public records about yourself, family members, friends, or employers using the resources and links offered in this article. You may forgo them if you do not mind third-party websites. is a top third-party website that can quickly provide you with accurate public records from dozens of government agencies databases. It saves time, money, and requires very little effort. You only need a strong internet connection.

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