New Mexico Inmate Search: How to Perform a New Mexico Department of Correction Inmate Search

New Mexico Inmate Search: How to Perform a New Mexico Department of Correction Inmate Search

The state of New Mexico has six state prisons and five private prisons under contract. Approximately 6,700 prisoners are housed in these facilities at any given time. The state also has offices dispersed across the state to keep parolees and probationers on track, as well as five areas for community corrections.

The government organization in charge of all prisons and detainees is the New Mexico Corrections Department.

Inmates awaiting trial and those serving brief terms are housed in municipal jails managed by sheriff's offices and local police in New Mexico. Current inmate lists are occasionally available at these prisons.

New Mexico Inmate Search: General Information

Records about prisoners in New Mexico originate from detention facilities, local law enforcement, state and municipal courts, and local law enforcement. These records contain information such as fingerprints, mugshots, personal description information, name, date of birth, race, and gender. 


Paper documents, digital files, audio and video clips, and other items could potentially be included.


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Records from the prison track the offender all the way through the legal system and even into parole or probation. Law enforcement and the courts may access these records for a variety of reasons.

The state organization in charge of overseeing all detainee files, people in custody, and facilities is the New Mexico Corrections Department. In the following article, we will discuss the most accessible methods for finding inmates in New Mexico, and how you can utilize offline and online methods for queries.

New Mexico Inmate Search Offline

New Mexico Department of Corrections

Contacting the New Mexico Department of Corrections or the particular prison where the inmate is being kept is usually required to do an offline search for a New Mexico inmate. The procedures you can take to do an offline search for New Mexico inmates are listed below:

• Obtain the prisoner's full name and any other identifying information you may have, such as their date of birth or inmate number.

• Give the inmate's information to the New Mexico Department of Corrections by calling (505) 827-8645. You might inquire if they are aware of any details about the prisoner, such as their current whereabouts and anticipated release date.

• Additionally, you can conduct a name-based search for the prisoner on the website of the New Mexico Department of Corrections. You may find the inmate's present location and other details on the website.

• If the detainee is housed in a particular correctional facility, you can get in touch with that facility directly and inquire about the detainee.


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Online Inmate Search in New Mexico

Inmate Search New Mexico via County Courthouses

Visit the courthouse in the county where the prisoner was sentenced or found guilty to conduct a New Mexico inmate search offline. Records of the inmate's case, including information about where they are right now and any future court dates, are kept in the county courthouse.

The steps are as follows:

• Find the county where the prisoner was found guilty or sentenced.

• Look up the county courthouse's contact information, which is often accessible via a quick internet search or the county website.

• Speak with someone in the criminal records or inmate records departments by calling the county courthouse. Give them the entire name and any other identifying information for the prisoner.

• The courtroom might be able to tell you the inmate's present whereabouts and any impending court dates if the information is accessible.

• It's crucial to keep in mind that access to inmate information may be restricted at some courthouses, so you might be required to show proof of your relationship to the inmate or to have a good justification for the request.


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New Mexico Department of Corrections 

Here are the steps to perform an online inmate search in New Mexico:

1. Go to the New Mexico Department of Corrections website at This is the official website of the New Mexico Department of Corrections, and it provides information about the department's operations, facilities, and services.

2. Click on the "Offender Search" tab located on the left side of the website's homepage. This tab will take you to the department's offender search tool, which allows you to search for inmates currently housed in New Mexico correctional facilities.

3. Enter the inmate's last name or offender number (if available). In the search bar, enter the last name of the inmate you are searching for. If you know the inmate's offender number, you can also enter that number to get more accurate search results.

 Additionally, you can enter additional information such as their first name, middle name, gender, race, and age to narrow down the search results.

4. Click the "Search" button. After entering the search criteria, click the "Search" button to start the search.

5. The website will display a list of matching inmates based on the search criteria you entered. The search results will display a list of inmates that match the search criteria you entered. The list will show the inmate's full name, offender number, and current location. Click on the inmate's name to view their detailed information, such as their photo, physical description, charges, and release date.

Please note that the information available in the search results may be limited, and some information may not be available to the public due to privacy and security concerns. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the New Mexico Department of Corrections directly for assistance.

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