Michigan Warrant Search: How to Find Warrant Information in Michigan

Michigan Warrant Search: How to Find Warrant Information in Michigan

Michigan law enforcement agencies investigate violent and minor crimes to ensure offenders are brought to justice. According to their reports, common crimes in the state includes aggravated battery, robberies, homicide, and rape. 


The astounding fact about this data is that most violent crimes occur in living spaces and are committed by people who are relatively close to the victims. 

In some cases, the offenders had previous warrants out for their arrests, but the victims had no idea because they failed to check for warrant information. 


That's why it is crucial to regularly review your personal warrant information and conduct warrant searches on people who work with you or live close to you. Continue reading to learn how to retrieve warrant information in Michigan. 


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Michigan Has Two Popular Types of Warrants

The United States recognizes different types of warrants, but only three are common in Michigan. 

Michigan Arrest Warrants

The judge issues an arrest warrant when a resident is a suspect in a crime. It authorizes the law enforcement agency to find, apprehend and detain you until you pay bail or appear before the court for trial. 


Arrest orders are serious warrants, and the police actively search for the person named on the records until they arrest them or surrender themselves.

Michigan Bench Warrants

Bench warrants are not always active. The judge typically issues bench warrants when you or someone you know misses a scheduled court date, violates parole or probation orders, or refuses to settle traffic tickets or court fees. 


This means the police do not go out of their way to search for the offender; instead, they wait until they encounter the person during a traffic stop or while executing their daily duties. 

Conducting a Michigan Warrant Search 

Most times in Michigan, people do not receive notification from relevant state organizations when a warrant is issued for their arrest. If you suspect you or someone else at work or in your neighborhood has a warrant, there are multiple ways to execute a search. 


It is essential to state that some methods may not provide comprehensive or updated reports, so you must verify all results by running at least two checks. 


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Contact the State's Judicial Branch Via Email, Phonecall, or In-Person Visit

Call or visit the court that issued the warrant. If you don't know the issuing court, visit the state's Supreme Court at 925 W Ottawa St, Lansing, MI 48915, or check the website for basic information about the outstanding warrant. Once you find information about the issuing local court, contact their clerk to retrieve more information about the order. 

Note that some information may not be revealed over the phone, so you must request them in person. If it is a personal warrant, you shouldn't go in person to request warrant information because it could result in an immediate arrest; instead, send in your legal advisor or someone close to you. You can find the contact information of Michigan County courts here. 

Contact Michigan Law Enforcement Agencies

The Michigan state police departments, county sheriff's offices, and a few federal agencies like the FBI and DEA maintain comprehensive records of warrants. You can search by calling or visiting these offices. 


They have different posts in all jurisdictions; you only have to confirm where the issuing agency and county are. If you seek warrant information about a person in one of Michigan's correctional facilities, you can visit the Department of Corrections at 206 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48909.

Check Online Databases 

The Michigan State Police offers access to warrant information through the MSP Records Request Portal. But you must log in to access the database. Other state agencies, including local sheriff departments and county courts, offer online warrant check resources. 

Alternatively, you can conduct a Michigan warrant search using a third-party website. These sites offer free or paid access to compiled public records, including warrant information and criminal records. 


Truepeoplesearch.io is an excellent example of a third-party website. It provides free access to comprehensive and updated warrant information to anyone within or outside Michigan jurisdictions. 


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You Can Remove Warrants From Your Michigan Public Records

Hire an attorney to guide you through the process and guarantee your rights remain protected when you enter police custody. Attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to contact the appropriate authorities to gather information about the warrant. 


An attorney will explain the best action for dealing with the warrant, which is particularly important when conducting a Michigan warrant search. 


While court clerks may not provide warrant information to the public, they often assist attorneys by arranging for the voluntary surrender of the accused at the court to clear the warrant.

Validity of Warrants

A common misconception in Michigan is that a warrant can go away over time if left alone. It can remain for weeks, months, and even years until you appear before the court and comply with all orders. While it remains valid, it will appear in all background checks and public record requests. 

Warrants do not disappear except the owner dies, undergoes trial, or the court resolves it. Additionally, the longer you wait to resolve a warrant, the higher chances that the court will hit you with longer jail sentences, higher cash bonds, and harsher penalties. 

Last Note

Whether you can pay to have a warrant removed depends on why the court issued it. If the warrant is for a criminal charge, you cannot simply pay the court to make it disappear. 


However, some warrants are issued for outstanding payments on a case, such as unpaid traffic tickets, and in those cases, paying off the balance can clear the warrant. 


Removing an order as soon as possible on your terms has many benefits, including peace of mind. A person will feel an incomparable peace when they know Michigan law agencies are not looking for them. 


Begin your journey to peace by checking if you have a warrant on Truepeoplesearch before contacting your attorney. It is fast, affordable, and very reliable.

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