What are Mugshots?


A mugshot is a series of photos taken by law enforcement agencies following the arrest and booking of a suspected offender. It typically covers from the shoulders up alongside various angles of the face. To simplify, it is common for lovers of crime series or movies to see the police and other law enforcement agencies take pictures of persons arrested for various offenses. Those pictures or photographs are referred to as mugshots.

Mugshots are used for various investigative and record purposes and play a major role in the identification of an offender by victims and investigators. The pictures are publicly displayed on the websites of law enforcement agencies to assist members of the public in recognizing offenders and reporting likely fugitives. In addition, it includes other identifying information such as reference to the alleged crime, the person's height, and the date it was taken.

How are Mugshots Collected?

Mugshot Search

Mugshots and arrest records are generally public documents and, therefore, accessible to every interested member of the public. If you are researching a case or looking for your mugshot, follow the under-listed steps to help you collect your mugshots in person:

  1. Visit the courthouse where the trial was held or where your mugshot was taken.
  2. Request for a copy of the mugshot from the court clerk. Typically, you would be asked to produce a reason for your request and the nature of your relationship with the person.
  3. Pay the necessary fees for the mugshot, and after that, the clerk will make a copy of the mugshot for you.

Aside from the steps mentioned above, there are other ways you can utilize for mugshot collection Find below how you can collect mugshots online using different apps and websites:

  1. Browse through your state's department of corrections website: States are mandated to have websites containing information about inmates and offenders. Some sites also publish mugshots.
  2. You can also search the sex offender registry of your state. States keep records of offenders' data on such websites, which means you can also discover mugshots there.
  3. You can also download applications such as JailBase, which keep criminal records of offenders.
  4. Another technique you can adopt for mugshot collection is searching your local sheriff and police department websites

What is an Arrest Record, and Does it Affect a Background Check?

When someone is taken into police custody due to a criminal act, such a person is under arrest. An arrest takes place immediately after the alleged offense or after an investigation. An arrest record, also called a criminal record, refers to the data or details of a person under arrest or investigation.

An arrest record shows that such a person has been apprehended, questioned, and taken into detention for an alleged crime. At this point, it is vital to note that an arrest record differs from a conviction record. A conviction record states that a person has been convicted of an offense and, as a result, has been fined, imprisoned, or placed under probation. A person can be arrested without being convicted, but no one can be convicted without first being arrested.

Arrest records include the following information:

A background check reveals sensitive information about a person and is conducted by employers and other personnel to better understand a person's character. Background checks are usually conducted during housing applications, job applications, applying for specific categories of aid, immigration purposes, and other objectives. In addition, since arrest records are public information, they show up during background checks.

A background check that produces your arrest record reveals detailed information about your arrest, the outcome of the case, and the details of the proceedings. Aside from convictions, arrest records also appear during background checks, irrespective of the outcome of the proceeding. This means that your potential employers, mortgage lenders, landlord, and other agencies can access such information, and it could affect their perception and judgment about your person.

Can I Remove my Mugshot from the Internet?

While it can be fun to laugh at celebrity mugshots, it can be extremely embarrassing to discover your mugshots online. This is because most people tend to conflate a criminal arrest as evidence of a conviction. Recently, law enforcement agencies are becoming reticent in releasing mugshots of arrested persons due to the dangers of the internet, such as mugshot scams and frauds. And unfortunately, unless you take action to remove them online, your mugshots can remain online indefinitely. Despite being a public document, you can remove your mugshot from the internet using the following methods:

How Can I Find My Mugshot Online?

Mugshots are public records and can live forever online. You can perform a search for your mugshot and arrest records on TruePeopleSearch.io. You may also use the internet and Look for the website of the police department where you were arrested and input your name under their records sec=on.

  1. You can also search for the account of the arrest in the local online newspaper.
  2. Persons convicted or arrested for white-collar offenses can find their mugshots using truepeoplesearch.io/mugshots search tool.
  3. Visit the state's sexual offender website where the person is resident.
  4. You can also conduct a simple Google search using your social media picture. This will produce matches should your mugshot be online.
  5. Visit the department of corrections website for your state.
  6. You can also search for your mugshot online by name using TruePeopleSearch.io.
  7. You can also visit the website of the jail or prison where you were jailed or sent to following your sentencing.