Connecticut Public Records Search. Step by Step Guideline

Connecticut Public Records Search. Step by Step Guideline

Under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, public records are all data generated, utilized, obtained, or kept by a government agency, irrespective of its form (print, audio records, pictures). Certain types of records, notwithstanding, are not open to the public. 

Such records include:

● proprietary information and financial information that is not required by statutory provisions
● police records that are in the trial or pretrial stage
● negotiations regarding pending lawsuits
● private details about students at any educational institution within the state 
● adoption records,
● personal data of employees
● petitions and complaint records

Marriage and divorce records, death and birth certificates, business registrations, court records, and criminal records are openly, or on application, readily accessible to eligible residents in Connecticut. 

Most organizations provide public records request forms and online search capabilities in today's digital environment to make it less complicated for you to obtain the information you require. In this article, you'll learn the basics of accessing all types of public records in Connecticut.


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Types of Connecticut Public Records and How to Find Them 

Below are some records you can search for online and in person about a resident or entity in the Constitution state:

Connecticut Death Records

Death records are available publicly, and anyone can request Connecticut death records for ancestry research purposes. In Connecticut, certified copies of death certificates containing the deceased's social security number are highly classified and can only be requested by the deceased's spouse or a surviving next of kin. 

Request certified copies of Connecticut death records at the state vital records office or online through VitalChek. The address and website include:  

Connecticut Department of Public Health
Vital Records Section
410 Capitol Ave
Hartford, CT 06134

For online requests, access VitalCheck and follow the prompt

Connecticut Marriage Records

In Connecticut, marriage records are open to the public and are accessible to anybody. Any person who is 18 years of age or older may order certified copies of the marriage records. However, those would not include the couple's social security numbers. Only the pair are authorized to order copies containing social security numbers.

Ordering certified copies of Connecticut marriage records is possible through VitalChek online or by mailing the state vital records office at:

Connecticut Department of Public Health,
Vital Records Section,
410 Capitol Ave,
Hartford, CT 06134,
P.O. Box 340308

Connecticut Court Records

In Connecticut, court records are public information open to the public. There are limited exceptions, such as those involving minors, trade secrets, data that could put users' security at risk, and financial records. To obtain public court records, determine the court that has the records you need, contact the specific court clerk's office, pay the applicable fees and make a request.
You can find the contact information of all county courts in Connecticut by visiting the Connecticut supreme court address:

Connecticut Supreme Court,
231 Capitol Avenue,
Hartford, CT 06106,
Phone: (860) 757-2200
Fax: (860) 757-2215
Email: [email protected]
Online requests: website 

Connecticut Criminal Records

In Connecticut, criminal records are open to the public. You can search for any prior convictions in their criminal and automobile cases lookup database using the defendant's name or the docket number. 

You can look for open cases as well by looking them up and viewing them through the state's police bureau of identification website and in person at their address.

Connecticut State Police Bureau of Identification,
1111 Country Club Road,
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: (860) 685-8480
Online requests: website 

The database contains up to ten years' worth of state-wide criminal convictions, and all Connecticut regional law enforcement organizations have access to the state's criminal records. Each organization has different needs for its online databases and different search capabilities. Find details about inmates in the Connecticut prison system here.


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Connecticut Land and Property Records

In Connecticut, the Department of Energy and Environment is where you may discover land and property records. The Connecticut Land Registry Pilot is a tool that enables instant access to the state's property records. 

In some places, you can also access land records by contacting the town clerk where the property is. Visit the agency's physical address for information on all counties' land and property records.

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection,
79 Elm Street,
Hartford, CT 06106-5127
Phone: (860) 424-3000
Online request: website

Connecticut Public Records Search Fees 

The fees associated with obtaining public records in Connecticut differ depending on the kind and quantity of records requested and the agencies in charge of its maintenance. 

For instance, the Connecticut state police bureau of identification charges $50 per history record check. In contrast, the department of public health charges $20 for a certified copy of a birth, death, or marriage certificate.

You have to pay $1 per page for each copy of public records at the state's judicial branch, but the price rises to $4.50 per page if you request a copy of a court transcript.


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How to Find Public Records in Connecticut

To efficiently and effectively locate public records in Connecticut, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Determine the type of record you are searching for

Determine if you're looking for death certificates, birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, property records, court records, or more.

Step 2: Go to the Connecticut State Library

Historical documents and public records are kept in a collection by the Connecticut State Library. To access the copies, you require, visit their physical facility at  231 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106 or visit their website to make online requests.

Step 3: Contact the appropriate agency

You can get in touch with the organization directly if you are aware of which one keeps the record you're looking for. For instance, the Connecticut Department of Public Health can provide birth and death certificates, and the Connecticut Judicial Branch can provide court records.

Step 4: Back your requests up with languages from the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Connecticut FOIA enables you to request public records from state and local government agencies.

Step 5: Search online databases

Many public records in Connecticut are available online and on third-party websites like


Visit the Connecticut Secretary of State's website to locate the directory of town and city agency clerks on one page. Find these directories online  by clicking on “Connecticut town” and "city clerks directory."

Third-party online database also has an efficient search engine tool that can get you all types of Connecticut public records you might need on a person or business.

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