Maine Warrant Search: How to Find Warrant Information in Maine

Maine Warrant Search: How to Find Warrant Information in Maine

The State of Maine, locally called the Pine Tree State,  has a low crime rate, evident in the few outstanding warrant information.

As in other states, a judge or grand jury issues warrants to arrest or search criminals and their hideouts whenever the police provide probable cause. 


Finding warrant information in Maine can be challenging unless you have the proper knowledge and resources to perform such queries. 

For this reason, this article provides a thorough guide to conducting a Maine warrant search and resolving the order with little or no repercussions. Let's get started!

Maine warrant information: an overview 

Under the Fourth Amendment, warrants are broadly authorized for searches and seizures and must specify the location to be searched or the person to be arrested.


It is issued by a judge to prevent illegal acts that could infringe upon residents' rights. They also protect the person or entity executing the warrant from potential lawsuits and safety risks.

Judicial officers, such as grand juries and magistrates, in Maine who have jurisdiction in criminal cases are responsible for issuing warrants and directing them to law enforcement officers, such as sheriffs, constables, or police officers.


However, in cases where someone fails to appear in court or is in contempt of court, the court may order an arrest without the input of law enforcement.


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Classification of Warrants in Maine 

Several types of warrants are commonly issued by courts, including arrest warrants, search warrants, and bench warrants. Here is comprehensive information about arrest, search, and bench warrants, as well as sub-warrants classified under each of them:

Maine Search warrants

A Maine search warrant is an official document authorized by a competent authority such as a magistrate or judge. It grants law enforcement agencies the right to search a specified place, person, or property for evidence, even without the person's consent. An affidavit submitted supporting the warrant must identify the property or person to be searched. 

The search warrant must include the name of the individual who submitted the affidavit and the designated search time, typically between 7 am and 9 pm. Evidence obtained from a search raid in Maine typically includes tangible objects, documents, papers, biological materials, and photographs.

Maine police department often request warrants when they suspect that:

● A property contained proof of an alleged crime
● A person is holding criminal objects and other contraband
● A place will serve as a prime location for committing a crime

Invalidating a search warrant in Maine

You can invalidate a search warrant if you prove the officers executed without probable cause. However, little or no Maine warrants are rendered invalid annually because the US Fourth Amendment stops all law enforcement agencies from executing searches without warrants, probable cause, or comprehensive affidavits. 

For instance, you may request a search be invalidated if the team bursts into your house without announcing when the warrant makes no provision for not knocking. When a search is rendered invalid, all evidence gets suppressed and cannot be used to prosecute the suspect.


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Arrest warrant in Maine

Maine arrest warrants contain information that makes it legal for an officer to arrest and detain someone suspected of criminal activities. Judicial officers approve this document when they have seen enough reason to punish or reprimand a suspect. As soon as a warrant is issued, law enforcers can arrest whoever is named on the warrant at any time and place. 

An arrest warrant is not always issued as a regular document; the judge can include it on a contempt warrant, a failure-to-appear warrant, a fugitive warrant, or a juvenile warrant. 

Child support arrest warrant in Maine 

It is an arrest warrant that calls on a non-custodial parent to appear in court because they have refused to pay child support or have failed to attend hearings. Unlike regular arrest warrants, where law enforcement agencies send out officers to execute warrants, the Division of Support Enforcement and Recovery (DSER) conducts all operations regarding child support at state and federal levels. 

The DSER enforces court actions against non-paying parents until they satisfy the court orders and pay all outstanding obligations to the other parent.

Maine bench warrants 

This order permits Maine law enforcement officers to arrest but not detain an individual. It is similar to arrest warrants but is often issued for misdemeanors like traffic offenses. In Maine, many warrants were issued against inducted residents who continue to miss court appearances, holding the court in contempt. Other top reason for bench warrants in Maine includes:

● Failure to testify as a witness
● Refusal to settle outstanding road and traffic fines
● Failure to pay mandatory court fees

Bench warrants do not require emergency responses and remain indefinitely valid until the officers arrest the subject and ensure they fulfill all outstanding debts or court orders.


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Maine failure to appear warrant 

It is a unique form of a bench warrant issued against people refusing to attend court on their scheduled dates. You can resolve this warrant by producing credible excuses for failing in your court obligations. 

Quick links to find all types of warrants in Maine:

You may visit the following websites to access warrant information in Maine:

● Maine State Police
● Maine Judicial Branch
● Maine Department of Corrections: 
● Maine government 
● Bureau of Motor Vehicles
● Maine Sheriff's Association 
● Truepeoplesearch

Here is the further contact information for the above agencies to request warrant information in person:

Maine Judicial branch: address: 171 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0171

Maine State Police: Address: 45 Commerce Drive, Suite 1, Augusta, Maine 04330

Maine Department of Corrections: Address: 25 Tyson Drive, State House Station #111, Augusta, Maine 04333-0111

County Sheriff's Offices: Address: Maine Sheriff's Association

In Summary

All you need to know about Maine warrant information and to retrieve them at relevant agencies and third-party websites are now at your fingertips. You no longer have any reason to delay confirming if you have a warrant in Maine. Use the site to verify your warrants now to save time and costs.

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