Wyoming Public Records: How to Find Public Records in Wyoming

Wyoming Public Records: How to Find Public Records in Wyoming

Wyoming is strongly committed to transparency and accountability, making it relatively easy for individuals to access various public records in the state. 

The following guide instructs how to navigate the challenging process of finding public records in Wyoming, including the types of records available, where to find them, and the laws governing access to public records.

Laws governing access to public records in Wyoming 

This Wyoming Public Records Act comprises helpful laws that allow residents to legally access public records held by government institutions and agencies serving the citizens in various jurisdictions across Wyoming. 

It establishes the protocols that government agencies must follow regarding the administration and accessibility of the public records under their custody, including details on associated fees and the confidentiality of certain documents. 


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Who can access public records in Wyoming?

Anyone in the state can request the Wyoming public records without needing a statement of purpose. There are no restrictions on their use, except for certain exemptions. These exemptions include the following:

● Pre-specified investigation records
● Testing materials records
● Research projects records 
● Labor negotiations records 
● School board disciplinary records
● Public hospital medical records

To locate the Wyoming public records, individuals must first identify the corresponding government agency, determine the jurisdiction, narrow down the type of record custodian, and identify other markers such as the type of record required (e.g., public criminal records, court records, vital records, inmate records, etc.).

Wyoming criminal records 

Criminal records in Wyoming offer a comprehensive summary of an individual's criminal past, encompassing data from local courts, correctional facilities, state jails, and other relevant state departments. These records comprise gender, physical characteristics, charges, offense classification, and the county court where the trial occurred.

Two options are available to determine if an individual in Wyoming has a criminal record: online or offline searches. An online search involves utilizing the online directory of the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). On the other hand, an offline search involves personally visiting the clerk of the court's office to obtain court records.

Steps to access criminal records online:

1. Log into the DCI website
2. Select 'Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS).'
3. Select 'Background Checks / Applicant Tracking System.'
4. Choose 'Instructions' to proceed

For an offline search, visit your local district court or contact the clerk of courts for on-demand court records. The clerk of courts provides court records that can be accessed on-demand through their website or physical documents available for in-person viewing. However, the searcher must pay a fee to access these court records.


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Court records in Wyoming

If you wish to obtain court records in Wyoming, you can do so offline: It is best to contact the court clerk in the county court where the case was held instead. The clerk may require specific documentation or have a set process, so it is advisable to call ahead and confirm before proceeding. 

Wyoming's court system comprises the Supreme Court and the District Court. The Supreme Court acts as the final court of appeal and deals with cases related to state law constitutionality. The Circuit and Municipal Court are under the District Court and handle most cases in Wyoming. 

Use the Supreme Court Docket tool to access non-confidential cases handled by the Wyoming Supreme Court or visit a county courthouse and utilize the public terminals to obtain court case information.

When requesting court records, it is essential to provide the case number to the custodian to facilitate record tracking and retrieval. Most courthouses in Wyoming assist individuals in locating the case number for a small fee.

Wyoming Vital Records

Individuals in Wyoming can access vital records, including birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates, through Vital Statistics Services. However, only specific individuals can request certified copies of vital records. Marriage and divorce records in Wyoming are public records; anyone can access them if they do not request certified copies. 

These records are usually stored in the county clerk or Vital Records office at the state level. Individuals can contact the county clerk's office where the event occurred to determine if someone is married or divorced.

To obtain a birth certificate in Wyoming, individuals must complete a birth application and meet the eligibility criteria (such as being over 18 years of age, being a parent named on the certificate, or having Court Ordered Guardianship papers). 

Pay the required fee through a money order or a bank-personalized check payable to Vital Statistics Services and sent to the following address:

Vital Statistics Services,
2300 Capitol Avenue,
Hathaway Building,
Cheyenne, WY 82002


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Driving records in Wyoming

The Department of Transportation in Wyoming maintains the driving records for the state's residents. To obtain a copy of your driving record, you can make a request by mail or in person.

To request a driving record by mail, you must complete the Release of Driving Record & Personal Information form or provide a written request that includes your name, date of birth, driver's license number, and social security number. You must also include a fee of $5 for each driving record requested. Send the request to the following address:

Wyoming Department of Transportation,
Driver Services, Driving Records,
5300 Bishop Blvd.,
Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340

Property and assets ownership records in Wyoming

Wyoming provides access to the online property and asset records through each county's Registry of Deeds. Additionally, the county assessor's office is responsible for maintaining property records and can provide information related to property ownership, taxes, and zoning.

The Wyoming Association of Counties website offers a search function to access county information. Depending on the county, property records may be available for online searching. In-person or mail requests for copies of property deeds and other relevant documents can also be made in some counties.

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