North Carolina Inmate Search: How to Perform a North Carolina Department of Correction Inmate Search

North Carolina Inmate Search: How to Perform a North Carolina Department of Correction Inmate Search

There are 61 state correctional facilities and prisons in North Carolina. They have varied levels of custody and are dispersed throughout the state.

For prisoners serving brief terms or those awaiting trial, the state also maintains a large number of regional county jails.

The number of criminals housed in North Carolina's state prisons is about 28,928. Another 67,000+ people are on probation, and nearly 12,000 people are on parole. There are just 1,926 female convicts out of those.

North Carolina Inmate Search: General Information

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS) keeps a database of detainees with information going as far back as 1972.  

Using the publicly available and free offender locator tool on the department's website, you can look for inmates in North Carolina.

On its website, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety offers a variety of criminal offender search databases. 


You can perform a search by inmate ID or name on the main page for the general public. You can locate not only prisoners but also those on probation or parole.

A list of the offender's name, ID number, gender, race, birth date, and age is included in the results. The offender ID link can be clicked to access more details. 


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In addition, information on the detainee's status, conviction date, offenses, degree of custody, number of infractions, and present location will be displayed. Additionally, you will find a great deal of information on their most recent arrest and crimes.

For those who wish to perform an inmate search in North Carolina, there are several ways you can go about it. Here we will discuss the various methods for finding inmates in North Carolina, and how you can get accurate data about those who are incarcerated in the state's facilities.

Inmate Search North Carolina: Offline Search

1. Obtain a list of North Carolina prisons and other detention centers by visiting the department's website or calling it directly: The North Carolina Department of Public Safety maintains a list of all correctional facilities in the state, which you can find on their website. Alternatively, you can contact the department directly by phone or email to request a list.

2. Select the jail or prison you think would house the prisoner. If the prison has a website, you might wish to use it to check the inmate roster to help you focus your search.

3. Contact the main office or the records division of the correctional facility by phone or mail: You can find contact information for each facility on the North Carolina Department of Public Safety website.

4. The inmate's full name, date of birth, and any other identifying information you may have, like a booking number or case number, should be given to the facility officials.

5, The staff in the right facility will give you information about the inmate's current whereabouts, charges, and other facts if they are still in the facility.


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Inmate Search in North Carolina: Online Search

North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Here are the steps to perform an online inmate search in North Carolina:

1. Go to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety website: The website can be found at

2. Click on "Prisons" and select "Offender Search": You can find the "Prisons" tab in the top navigation menu of the website. Once you click on "Prisons," you'll be taken to a new page where you can select "Offender Search."

3. Enter the inmate's information: On the "Offender Search" page, you can enter the inmate's first and last name, or their inmate number if you have it. You can also enter other identifying information if you have it, such as their date of birth or race.

4. Submit your search: Once you've entered the inmate's information, click the "Submit" button to start your search.

5. Examine the search results: A list of inmates in North Carolina, who meet the parameters you submitted, will be displayed in the search results. Each inmate's name can be clicked to obtain additional information, including their current location, mugshot, and sentence details.

6. Get more information directly from the facility: If you locate the prisoner you're looking for and need more details, you can get in touch with the facility directly using the contact details listed on the website of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.


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North Carolina Federal Bureau of Prisons

1. Visit the Federal Bureau of Prisons website by typing into your browser.

2. Choose "Find an inmate" under "Inmates" by clicking: The "Inmates" tab is located on the website's top navigation menu. After clicking "Inmates," a new page will open where you may choose "Find an inmate."

3. Enter the prisoner's details: On the "Find an inmate" screen, you can enter the prisoner's first and last name or, if you have it, their BOP register number. If you have it, you can also input additional identifying information, such as the person's age or race.

4. Send a search query: To begin your search after entering the inmate's details, click the "Find" button.

5. Look over the search outcomes: Inmates who meet your search criteria will be listed in the search results. For more information, including an inmate's present location, sentencing details, and anticipated release date, click on their name.

6. Inquire with the facility directly for more details: You can get in touch with the prison directly using the contact details shown on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website if you locate the prisoner you're looking for and need more information.

It's vital to keep in mind that this technique only covers prisoners who are currently held in federal custody and might not include all prisoners in the North Carolina jail system. 


You may need to try different search strategies or get direct help from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety if you are unable to locate the prisoner that you are looking for using this approach.

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