Find Public Records in Arkansas by Using this Guideline

Find Public Records in Arkansas by Using this Guideline

Arkansas public records are available in different forms, digital and printed. They include text, video, images, and sounds created and maintained by top public offices in the state. According to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, residents may request public records from their custodians and receive approval or denial replies within three working days. 

If you patronize a public record holder, you have to pay a small fee to make copies of the records and mailing expenses. However, free public record searches are available for free with third-party sources. This article sums up all you need to know about accessing public records in Arkansas. 

Access to Public Records in Arkansas

Most Arkansas government agencies and organizations have digitized their registry section and copied most of their previous records onto online databases. 


Therefore, you don't have to go to the offices of record custodians in person to access these records. You can either employ their online search systems or send an email request to the agency's administrative clerk to locate specific public records in Arkansas. 

The only information not available online is those exempted by the FOIA measure. The state of Arkansas simplified this confusion by mandating its Department of Human Services to publish lists of frequently requested non-confidential documents online. 


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Frequently Requested Public Records in Arkansas

The following are common public records requested across the state in large numbers: 

Arkansas background checks

The Arkansas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Crime Information Center (ACIC) does not offer comprehensive background check information on individuals. Instead, it provides access to the Arkansas Criminal History (ARCH) tool. The crucial aspect to note is that not everyone can access this portal. You can only qualify if you have the following: 

● Received permission from the court to run a background check

● Authorization to search for personal reasons, such as obtaining a signed consent form from the person whose records you're trying to access. 

The ARCH tool is one of many Arkansas online resources. You can decide to print the results of a search once you've paid the applicable fees, $24.00 for each search and view. You can send a mail request to the Arkansas state police. 

Arkansas Criminal and Court Records

The Crime Information Center (ACIC) of the Arkansas Department of Public Safety (DPS) agency maintains all criminal history records in the state. You may also look up these records online using the said person's: 

● Name 
● Business 
● Case type 
● Date of case filing 
● Docket filing date

If you choose to request mail or in-person, ensure you clearly state this information. 


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Arkansas Vital Records

The Arkansas Department of Health Vital Records Unit provides efficient services that allow residents to access vital public records online and in person. 


These vital records include death, birth, marriage, and divorce certificates. It's worth noting that Arkansas public records laws don't permit non-family members to obtain vital records under 100 years old. 


You can either be a next-of-kin or a legal representative or wait for the named person in the certificate to be 100 or above. To confirm the identity and relationship of requesters to the designated certificate owner, the units only attend to people with valid identification cards. 

You must pay a standard $5 to process all vital records inquiries. Expect to pay between $10.00 to $12.00 depending on the record type and the number of copies you need — also, budget for mailing and shipping costs. You may also pay $1.85 for identity verification. 

Arkansas Driving records 

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration Driver Services keeps and updates all driver records in Arkansas. The records include information on road accidents, convictions, tons, driving record inquiries, and civil driving infractions. According to the Federal Privacy Protection Act, all driving records are confidential except as mandated by a court. 

With about $8.50, you can obtain a person's driving history record in person or via mail. Note that driving records for insurance costs $10 online or through email. Some civil driving infractions include speeding, driving with no license, failure to use seatbelts, driving under the influence, and careless or improper driving. 

Arkansas Inmate and Jail Records 

You may obtain this information using the state's Department of Corrections search database. You may conduct this search online or send in a mail request containing the following details: 

● Full name 
● County 
● Offense 
● Age 
● Race 
● Gender 
● Jail facility 

Arkansas Court records 

The Arkansas judiciary, which encompasses the district court, court of appeals, supreme court, and circuit courts, maintains all court records in the state. 


To access this information, you can go to the Supreme Court's clerk's office at 625 Marshall Street, Suite 130, Justice Building, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201, to submit a written request. Or you could use the judiciary's online modern public search resource, Courtconnect, to find a person's court records. 

Note that not all courts in the Arkansas judiciary have fully accessible records on Courtconnect. If what you seek is not obtainable on the site, you must go to the court that resolved the case in person. Make your court record search easier and faster by having information like the person's full name, date of court proceedings, and case number.  


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Unclaimed property records

The easiest way to obtain property and assets records in Arkansas is by using online resources. The Arkansas County Data has comprehensive information on major property and assets within the state. The Arkansas State Auditor maintains all information on unclaimed properties and assets to their real owners. 

However, each county has an assessor department, GIS department, and treasurer's office to keep track of property records in each locality. You can request access to these data if you have proper identification or documentation records to provide you are related to the previous owners.  

Bottom Line

You can now see that accessing public records in Arkansas is easy when coupled with accurate resources. You can have it easier by using, a third-party online resource for all your public records search needs in Arkansas.


It abides by the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act to provide a more efficient way to get data from public records custodians. No delays, no denials, and no complications. The website also provides unlimited search services, so you can perform as many queries as you need in Arkansas, as well as in other states.

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