Arkansas Inmate Search: How to Find Arkansas Department of Corrections Inmates

Arkansas Inmate Search: How to Find Arkansas Department of Corrections Inmates

Information on inmates' criminal history, their names, birth dates, genders, and nationalities, mugshots, their current charges and sentences, pertinent court information, and their release date can all be found in Arkansas inmate records.

The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows interested parties that wish to know who is in custody or locate someone in jail access to inmate records. Due to the lack of geographic restrictions for these services, third-party websites might provide a simpler search. However, as third-party websites are not supported by the government, the data gleaned from them may differ from that gleaned from official channels.

What Information Appears in an Arkansas Inmate Search?

A search for inmates in Arkansas usually yields details on those who are now housed in the state's prisons. Depending on the exact search engine utilized, different information may be provided, but generally speaking:

Inmate's Identity: Information used to identify an inmate includes their name, age, gender, race, and other details like their inmate ID number.

Information on the inmate's incarceration: This includes the place where they are being detained when they were arrested when they will be released, and how long they have been incarcerated.

Criminal history: This covers the offenses for which the prisoner has been found guilty, the dates on which they were found guilty, and the penalties handed down.

Identifying Data: The inmate's height, weight, hair color, and any distinctive marks or tattoos are all included in the physical description.

Mugshots: A few inmate search tools offer recent or current mugshot photos.


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Arizona Department of Corrections Inmate Search

You must get in touch with the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) directly in order to conduct an offline inmate search in Arkansas. To obtain information about an inmate, get in touch with the ADC by phone, mail, or email.

The steps you can take to conduct an offline inmate search in Arkansas are as follows:

1. Get information: Before getting in touch with the ADC, find out as much as you can about the prisoner you're looking for, including their full name and any other identifying details you may have, like their date of birth, social security number, or inmate ID number.

2. Contact the ADC: To request inmate information, get in touch with the ADC by phone, mail, or email. The phone number for the ADC is (870) 267-6999. The Arkansas Department of Correction, PO Box 8707, Pine Bluff, AR 71611-8707 is where they can be reached by mail. They can be reached at [email protected].


3. Provide the ADC with the detainee's complete name and any other identifying information you have gathered when you get in touch with them. They might also ask you for more details to help them verify the detainee's identity.


4. You will be given the inmate information you have requested, including the offender's incarceration status, criminal background, and other pertinent information, by the ADC.

It's crucial to keep in mind that the ADC can have restrictions on the kinds of details they can offer through phone, mail, or email, and there might be charges connected with specific requests. It's a good idea to call the ADC in advance to find out what data is available and whether any costs could be involved.


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Inmate Records Arkansas: Online Search

It is simple to conduct an online search for an Arkansas prisoner. You can use the online inmate search tool provided by the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) on their website to look for details about prisoners who are currently housed in the state's correctional facilities.

The procedures you can take to do an online search for Arkansas inmates are as follows:


Arkansas Department of Correction Inmate Search

Visit the ADC website here: Visit to see the website of the Arkansas Department of Correction.
Go to the prisoner search page: Click the "Inmate Search" link in the top navigation menu on the ADC website's home page.
Enter the inmate's first and last name in the relevant sections on the inmate search page to find the inmate. If you know their ADC prisoner number, you can also enter it. Then, select "Search" from the menu.

See the inmate's information: The search results page will show the inmate's information if they are currently housed in an Arkansas correctional facility. This could contain their name, inmate identification number, age, gender, race, place of detention, and date of expected release. Also, you might be able to see their mugshot.

It's critical to remember that although the ADC's online inmate search tool updates its database often, real-time information may not always be available. Also, due to privacy or security considerations, not all inmates may be listed in the online search engine.


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VINELink: VINELink is a nationwide victim notification network that provides information about incarcerated individuals, including those in Arkansas. To use VINELink for an Arkansas inmate search, visit their website at and select "Arkansas" from the list of participating states. is a public records search engine that provides access to information about individuals, including those who are currently incarcerated in Arkansas. To use for an Arkansas inmate search, visit their website at and enter the inmate's name and state. is a website that provides information about inmates in Arkansas, as well as other states. To use for an Arkansas inmate search, visit their website at and enter the inmate's name.

Please take note that the features, restrictions, and costs connected with using these online tools may vary. Also, the data offered by these tools might not be as current or complete as the data offered by the website of the Arkansas Department of Correction.

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