Louisiana Public Records: How to Find Public Records in Louisiana

Louisiana Public Records: How to Find Public Records in Louisiana

Louisiana has a long and fascinating history. Its public records are a testament to the people and events that have shaped the state over the years. 


But accessing this information may seem complicated, particularly for those new to the process. 
In this article, we'll walk you through the procedures for locating and obtaining public records in Louisiana so you can learn the secrets they reveal about a person or a company. 

Overview of Public Records in Louisiana

Louisiana public records refer to all records available for inspection or review by all members of the general public. It includes printed and virtual documents and other informative materials created and regularly updated by state and local government agencies and private organizations within Louisiana. 

Like most American states, Louisiana has a personalized Public Records Act that regulates the discrimination of non-sensitive residents' data. The legislative branch of the state has amended this measure several times since it was approved in 1940. 


However, all amendments to the law have made it easier for everyone to receive request approvals, except when the required records are deemed confidential by the act. 

The Louisiana Public Records Act ensures all agencies, particularly government-owned, are transparent and accountable to residents and non-residents of the state in need of public information.


Thanks to the bill, everyone can learn about the government's efficiency and the areas they may need to improve. 


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How to Obtain Highly Requested Public Records in Louisiana

Birth and Death Records

The state's public health unit in the health department creates and records birth information. The office only releases the records to the person named on the document, their nuclear family members, and authorized representatives. 


To obtain these records from this office, submit proper identification and documentation stating relevant information to help the office locate the document quickly. 

Louisiana's public health office offers a swift response within 48 business hours. You can reach them in person at the vital records central office in New Orleans, the Louisiana Clerk of Courts, and various vital records kiosks across the state's districts. 


You can also contact them via mail through the Vital Records Registry PO Box 60630, New Orleans, LA 70160. It's also more convenient to reach the office via VitalChek Network or a phone call to 1-877-605-8562. Note that all channels have specific fees; you must pay before the office can attend to your requests.

Marriage and Death Records

Louisiana's office of the clerk of court in various counties holds and updates marriage and divorce records. Residents and non-residents can find these records online, in person, and via mail using the contact information of each county court clerk on the Office of the Clerk of Court website. 


Note that your receipt of the records within 1-2 days after sending in your request depends solely on whether you're closely related to the named subject or an authorized representative.


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Court Records

The state's Public Records Act restricts access to some court records containing sensitive information about ongoing cases or personal details on the search subject. 


Only the involved parties, immediate family members, or authorized legal representatives with the requisite documentation can access the records. 


Obtain these documents through in-person requests, mail, or online requests using the specific contact information of the clerk of the court office that handled the case. The clerk of the court's office also maintains court records across the various counties in Louisiana.

Are all forms of criminal records accessible to everyone? 

The Louisiana state police, in collaboration with the office of the clerk of court in the same district where the crime took place, and its District Attorney keep and maintains all criminal records that occurred within the state. 


Most criminal records are easily accessible to the named subject, their authorized representative, and immediate family members. If you are not closely related to the search subject, submit an authorization form or fill out an online request form stating your details and why you requested the data. 

Suppose you're willing to register your vital information, such as name, date of birth, race, sex, weight, and social security number, to the state police bureau of criminal identification. In that case, you can fill out the forms. Consider performing an internet background check on the search subject if you need more detailed information. 

Accessing driving records in Louisiana

Driving records are relatively easy to obtain in Louisiana. The state's Office of Motor Vehicles issues these records provided you know the holder's details such as their name, address, date of birth, class of license, and license number. Louisiana regulations mandate a service charge of $16.00 and an electronic commerce fee of $2.00 on each driving record search. 

Once you access the individual's driving records, you'll uncover their personal status information, road offenses, accident statements, and commercial driver's license details. We advise you to begin this process on time because you can only view or print the data for one month. 

Running Background Checks in Louisiana

Louisiana offers an internet background check facility for interested persons to perform quick checks using a person's full name and available personal records. 


To run a background check in Louisiana, you must show proof of consent from the search subject because most information this check reveals is confidential. You can run a more detailed and accurate search by providing the person's fingerprints.


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Sex offense background checks

The Louisiana police department has an updated and detailed sex offender registry online. You can access all information on sex offenders and child predators who lived or still live within the state. 


But to do this, you must accept specific terms and conditions.
Once you agree to the terms, the website will redirect you to the precise information using the offender's name, address, city, and ZIP code.

Louisiana Government Offices for More Information Online or In-person

Here is the accurate contact information of Louisiana's most relevant public records offices if you need to obtain more public records: 

* Louisiana Department of Health 
* Louisiana State Treasurer
* Louisiana Governor's website
* Louisiana Clerks of Court contact us
* Louisiana Supreme Court
* Lousiana Highway Safety Commission
* Louisiana Division of Administration Contact 


Applying for public records through Louisiana government agencies can be time-consuming and stress-intensive. We recommend using the best third-party public record search site, Truepeoplesearch.io, to uncover all the details you need about a person. There are no hidden fees with this tool, nor do you have to write detailed requests.

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