Delaware Inmate Search: How to Perform a Delaware Department of Correction Inmate Search

Delaware Inmate Search: How to Perform a Delaware Department of Correction Inmate Search

Delaware inmate records are open to the public, according to Section 29.100 of the State Code. Therefore, the record custodian is able to provide certified copies of inmate records for public inspection. Delaware To increase public safety, inmate records are made public. 


In Delaware, the State Department of Corrections serves as the main repository for inmate data. Individuals can obtain free inmate information through the DOC's Delaware inmate locator. Information such as the inmate's full name, age, date of birth, gender, race, custody status, ID number, and location would be available to record searchers. 


The DOC should be contacted by anyone using the Delaware inmate lookup service who wants to know why someone is incarcerated. An alternative method for finding inmate records is to use the Federal Bureau of Prisons website to conduct a federal inmate search. 


Information on Delaware inmates imprisoned in federal prisons would be retrievable by interested parties. For additional information on how to discover someone's criminal history, get in touch with the BOP, or use your community's tools to search for inmates in Delaware. If you need to perform a Delaware inmate search, for whatever reason it may be, here is how you can do it.


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Delaware DOC Inmate Search

By getting in touch with the Delaware Department of Correction (DOC), one can do an offline search for inmates in the state. You can take the following actions:

Step 1: Contact the Bureau of Prisons within the Delaware Department of Correction

Dial (302) 857-5221 to contact the Delaware Department of Correction's Bureau of Prisons in order to begin an offline inmate search in Delaware. The department's main phone number can be used to find out information about prisoners under its care.


Step two: Provide identifying information about the inmate

The inmate's full name and any other identifying information you have, such as their date of birth or inmate ID number, must be given to the representative when you speak with them. It will be simpler for the representative to find the convict in their system if you can supply more details.

Step 3: Gather basic data

The representative can give you basic details on the inmate, such as their current location and offense if they are able to discover the inmate in their database. Without the inmate's or their legal representative's permission, they might not be able to give you more specific information.


Step 4: Comply with policies and instructions

When obtaining information about an inmate, it's crucial to adhere to the policies and procedures established by the Delaware Department of Correction. They may have certain guidelines and standards governing the release of detainee information, such as asking for written consent from the detainee or their legal representative before disclosing more precise information.

Additionally, there are specific steps and regulations that must be followed if you want to visit the prisoner, including making an appointment in advance and abiding by the department's dress code and other regulations. You can get information on how to do this from the representative.


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Delaware Inmate Search Online

Aside from contacting the Delaware Department of Correction for an inmate search, you can also perform an online inmate search, in one of the following ways:

Delaware Department of Correction


Offender Search at the Delaware Department of Correction: The Delaware Department of Correction's website,, offers an online Delaware inmate search feature. This tool will provide a list of results when you enter the inmate's last name, first name, and partial spelling to utilize it. From there, you can click on an inmate's name to discover information on their present location, sentence, crime, and other fundamentals.



VINELink is a federally funded online database that allows you to look for inmates throughout several state correctional systems, including in Delaware. To perform an online Delaware inmate search, Visit Then, choose Delaware from the drop-down menu. From there, you can use either the inmate's first and last name or inmate ID number to find them. You can sign up to get updates on an inmate's custody situation, changes in location, and additional data.


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County Sheriff's Office or Police Department


If you are aware of the county in which the prisoner received their sentence, you can try contacting the county sheriff's office or police department to find out more information about the prisoner. On their websites, some county sheriff's offices offer inmate search options, but others may need you to phone or email them directly if you want information.

Please be aware that some inmate search Delaware engines may not offer accurate or up-to-date information, so it's important to double-check any data you obtain online with reputable organizations, like the Delaware Department of Correction or the local sheriff's office.

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