Public Records Search in Alabama. Use this Easy Guideline

Public Records Search in Alabama. Use this Easy Guideline

Alabama public records are vital documents created and filed by Alabama government agencies. They include birth certificates, search warrants, arrests, marriage licenses, court cases, obituaries, and credit history. These documents provide non-confidential information and are made available to the public. 

Thanks to evolving technologies, most Alabaman government agencies, like their counterparts in other states, have digitized their records to make them more accessible online to interested persons or businesses. 

In this article, we'll discuss why people find public records in Alabama and how to efficiently find important information in multiple documents.

Reasons for performing an Alabama public records search

There are different reasons to search through public records. While you're seeking this information to research or compile a family tree, another person may be looking through it to prepare an employment check report. 


Someone might just be curious about their overly quiet neighbors or new friends.

Public records search also comes in handy while researching a date you met on a dating website. In addition, going through public records in Alabama could help reveal essential details about your lost friends, love interests, family friends, and work colleagues.


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How to Find Public Records in Alabama

According to the Code of Alabama 1975 and the Alabama Open Records Law, every citizen in the state can check and obtain Alabama public records in person or online. 

If you choose to find the information in person, you can request the printed Alabama public records at the Office of the Secretary of State during weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm. Here is the address below: 

Office of the Secretary of State,
State Capitol, Room E-204,
600 Dexter Avenue,
Montgomery, AL 36130

It is worth noting that the state's secretary's office charges $1.00 per page to make copies of public records kept with them. 
You may have to pay an additional $1.50 if you request the state seal annexation. Meanwhile, if you ask for a certificate worth $5.00 or more, you may pay more than this. You can also contact the office of the secretary of the state if you prefer to send a mail, fax, or call via:

Phone: (334) 242-7200
Fax: (334) 240-3138
Email: [email protected]

If you research online, you may not find any record on property ownership and property tax. Requesting Alabama public records is only possible if you reside in the state. The state is one of the few states in the US that geo-blocks entry into its public records system.  

Before we fully delve into how you can find the various types of public records in Alabama, here are some exemptions to the information you can easily access: 

● Tax returns 
● Motor vehicle registration details 
● Internal and external formal and informal correspondence 
● Administrative draft documents 
● Legislative drafts 
● Ongoing criminal investigations 


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Available Public Records to Access in Alabama

Here are available public records in the state and how you can efficiently find them: 

Public Vital Records

Public vital records in Alabama include birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates. The State's Department of Health keeps these data for Health Statistics. To apply for any vital public record in Alabama, use the standard request form for mail-in applications and online requests. The current contact information of the Alabama state department of health is as follows: 

Alabama Department of Public Health,
Center for Health Statistics,
PO Box 5625,
Montgomery, AL 36103-5625,
Phone: (334) 206-5418

You can also visit the closest county's health department to issue a request and receive a copy of the vital records within 30 minutes. You must pay $15.00 per copy to get a certified vital record. If you request more copies, they will be provided at $6.00 per copy. Note that fees are non-refundable, and an expedited record request costs an extra $15.00.

Public Criminal Records

Public criminal records in Alabama are held by the state's Criminal Records Identification Unit and the Records Check Section of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA). These two units provide all necessary records when requested. 

To gain access to these details, you must fill out a form indicating your personal and work details. 

Visit the Criminal Records and Identification Unit of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) using the following contact details to locate active warrants: 

Address: 301 South Ripley Street, PO Box 1511 Montgomery, AL 36102-1511
Phone: (334) 353-1172
Fax: (334) 353-1470
Email: [email protected]

You can also seek details on arrest histories and outstanding warrants in Alabama by visiting a third-party website like

Other criminal information you can find on public criminal records is prison inmate and sex offense records. To get this data quickly, use the inmate's special six-digit Alabama Institutional Serial code. You can get matching records using the person's full name if you don't have this code. 

Public Court Records

The Alabama Administrative Office of Courts permits public access to all concluded court records, such as civil, domestic, criminal, and traffic cases online. However, certain court records can only be obtained in person by visiting the county clerk's office where the case was held.

Here is the contact information for the Alabama State Court System: 

Administrative Office of Courts,
300 Dexter Avenue,
Montgomery, AL 36104,
Phone: (334) 229-0700

Public Driving Records 

The ALEA keeps and updates all public driving records in the state. You can order a person's driving records inline or in person at a designated ALEA Driver License Office for a flat fee of $5.75. However, to request this data, you must submit your identification card, driver's license, permit number, or the last digits of your social security number (SSN).

Public driver records reveal a person's driving profile, traffic violations, misdemeanor offenses, and punishments.


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Important Government Agencies to Verify Public Records 

Access and verify the above information as well as property and assets ownership records with the aid of the following Alabama government offices: 

● Governor's office 
● Alabama Legislative office 
● Alabama Police departments 
● State courts 
● Secretary of state office

To sum up

Discovering public records in Alabama can be a simple process if you know where to look. You can access important information about individuals, businesses, and government operations by utilizing the resources provided above. 

You can also navigate the world of public records in Alabama quickly and confidently with We provide you with specific and accurate public records while abiding by state and federal laws regulating public records searches. 

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