Mississippi Public Records: How to Find Public Records in Mississippi

Mississippi Public Records: How to Find Public Records in Mississippi

Mississippi has one of the strongest public records laws in the United States. Most of the state's agencies have carefully worded procedures for answering search requests. They have a good response time and allow requesters to appeal rejected requests within 30 days. 

This article reveals all you need to know about locating and obtaining various public records in Mississippi. In the end, expect to learn of a better platform that offers all the public records you seek in one place.

Availability of Public Records in Mississippi

The availability of certain public records online depends on the relevant government agency. 


For instance, the Department of Corrections provides access to an Inmate Records database that allows the public to search for inmates using their names or ID numbers. In some counties like Harrison and Jackson, online case searches of land records are available. 

Additionally, third-party websites such as TruePeopleSearch offer online public records searches. 


While the types of public records accessible to the public differ by a government agency, some of the most frequent public records available in Mississippi comprise:

● Court records 
● Birth and death records 
● Business licenses 
● Arrest records 
● Criminal history 
● Driving records 
● Marriage and divorce records 
● Property tax record


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Basic Necessities to Access Public Records in Mississippi

You can request most of the aforementioned public records online, in person, or by mail. It depends on the government agency responsible for keeping and updating the records of interest. 


However, before they can grant you access to any document, you must complete and submit specific forms that provide information on the nature of the requested records and your contact information. 

Here is a breakdown of the requested details on the form: 

● Your full name, mailing address, email address, and telephone number 
● A full description of the requested records 
● The estimated date or period the records occurred 
● The preferred format to retrieve the documents (printed copies or digital files)

Mississippi Vital Records

The Mississippi State Department of Vital Records and Statistics is the primary agency responsible for three out of four vital public records in Mississippi, including birth, death, and marriage records. 


You can order any vital records you're interested in using one of these three methods:

● Online: Birth, marriage, and death records can be ordered online using the VitalChek website.

● By Mail: Print out and complete the Mississippi Application form for Certified Copy of Birth Certificate or Death Certificate form, include the required fees, and mail them to the Mississippi State Department of Vital Records & Statistics, located at 222 Marketridge Drive, Ridgeland, MS 39157.

● In-person: You can visit the Vital Records Office on any weekday, aside from state holidays, between 8 am and 4 pm. You are required to be with a valid photo ID. You can also visit your county's Chancery Clerk's office to retrieve divorce records. 


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Mississippi criminal, warrants, and address records

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety oversees all public criminal records in Mississippi, including information on criminal history, arrest warrants, and the sex offender registry. 


Although the Bureau of Investigation department currently doesn't run a comprehensive online database of criminal records, the public can obtain all records by mail. 


To do so, complete the Authorization to Release Background Info form and mail it, along with a $32 fee, to the following address:

MS Bureau of Investigation,
CIC/Background Checks,
3891 Highway 468 West,
Pearl Mississippi 39208

The Mississippi Department of Corrections provides access to an online Inmate Records database where the public can retrieve inmates' data by their name or ID number. This database includes inmate location, release date, and charges. 


Note that each county is responsible for maintaining its record of outstanding warrants. Individuals should contact the sheriff's office or court clerk to find arrest warrants in person in a specific county. 


For instance, the Jones County Sheriff's Office offers an online database of its current inmates.

Mississippi Property and Asset Records

In Mississippi, each county has its own Chancery Court that oversees all land records for the county. Obtain public asset documents such as deeds and mortgages by visiting the local county Chancery Court or accessing them online through third-party websites.

The Mississippi State Treasurer manages unclaimed properties. Individuals can visit the dedicated website to find an unclaimed property and enter their name or business name.

Background Checks and Sex Offenders' Information in Mississippi

Mississippi operates with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which sets regulations on how employers can utilize background checks during hiring. The Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act stops employers from discriminating against workers and job applicants based on skin color, religion, sex, or national origin. 


This means an employer must refrain from unfairly using a background check to exclude qualified individuals from a job opportunity.

Anyone who wishes to conduct a background check on a person in Mississippi must obtain written consent from the subject before performing the review. 


Meanwhile, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS) is responsible for maintaining a public Sex Offender Registry that maintains information on individuals convicted of sexual offenses. You can search this registry using the person's name or geographical location.

Creating an account is not required to search the registry, but if you wish to receive email notifications when a sex offender moves into your area, you must create a free account.


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Mississippi Also Has Non-Public Records

Due to their confidential levels, the Mississippi Public Records Act exempts some records from public access. These records include personal records, medical records, ongoing law enforcement investigation records, juvenile records, pending litigations, and child abuse or neglect records.


 If your request contains any of these, it'll be immediately denied by the custodian organization. 

Bottom Line: You can get all your records in one place 

Finding public records in Mississippi can take your time and effort from you. You can trim your entire search into a few minutes by using Truepeoplesearch.io. It is a third-party public records search engine that offers updated and accurate Mississippi public records, among others. 


All you need is a proper network connection and the full name and location of the record's subject. And in no time, you will have all their Mississippi public records information displayed.

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