Oregon Public Records: How to Find Public Records in Oregon

Oregon Public Records: How to Find Public Records in Oregon

Oregon has an extensive collection of public records of all its residents and parastatals. It ensures these records are accessible to the general public for inspections, reviews, analysis, and corrections. 


Public records in this state are a precious source of information that keeps the government accountable and transparent.

You can retrieve as many public records as possible from Oregon's robust public records system. To do so, you need to know the process behind making requests and obtaining Oregon public records. 


In the following article, you will gain information on the various types of public data accessible to the general public in Oregon, and how you can perform a search for public records in the state.

Does Oregon have a public record law?

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) governs all Oregon public records holders and grants the public the right to view and make copies of government records. 


The law applies to state agencies, local governments, and other Oregon-controlled organizations. 

The ORS defines Oregon public records as any document, letter, book, photograph, film, or sound recording created, maintained, or preserved by a public agency. Some exceptions to the ORS include records that contain highly confidential data about government bodies or put the safety of a person or the general public at risk. 


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Specific examples of non-public Oregon records include:

● Medical records such as mental health records or prescription history
● Educational documents, including transcripts or disciplinary information
● Sensitive legal journals such as juvenile and adoption records
● Classified law enforcement records, such as information about undercover operations or ongoing investigations
● Financial documents such as credit reports and tax returns
● Identification records such as driver's license and international passport numbers 
● Sealed business records, including trade secrets and customer data

Finding Public Records in Oregon

Interested persons can access Oregon's database using its online portals: to do so,  visit the county clerk's office, or the state archives. You may also visit the record custodian's physical address to make a more formal request. 

How long will it take to receive public records in Oregon?

The processing time for a request for a copy of a birth, death, marriage, or divorce record varies depending on the type of record and the method of submission. Online requests typically take approximately 7-10 business days to process, while requests in person or through the mail may take longer.

Accessing Vital Records Online in Oregon

Requests copies of birth, death, marriage, and divorce documents online using the Oregon Health Authority's Vital Records website. Ensure you include a proper means of identification and payment.

Obtaining Criminal Records in Oregon

Criminal records are public records you can access using the state's police online database. You must provide identifying documents and pay a fee per search.


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Are my criminal records available to the public?

Not everyone can access your criminal history records in Oregon. However, the ORS permits law enforcement agencies, employers, and courts to do this. If you don't want anyone finding your criminal history records, you may find out if you can have them erased. 

Records expungement permanently seals a document, making it inaccessible to the general public. Note that there are specific criteria to meet before qualifying for expungement.

How to access different forms of criminal records in Oregon

Oregon offers two statewide online solutions for retrieving criminal court information. The first is the OECI – Oregon eCourt Case Information. It allows you to look up cases, warrants, and judgments for free. 


In comparison, the second platform is the Oregon Judicial Case Information Network (OJCIN). It allows you to gain more comprehensive insights about a person's criminal records for a fee. 

For more information about public records in Oregon, check out the Department of Corrections website or make a formal request in person at their office. Meanwhile, sex offenders are displayed on the Oregon State Police Sex Offender portal based on their level of offenses 

Retrieving court records in Oregon 

Court records are also public records in Oregon; they can be retrieved at the Judicial Department's online website or at the clerk of the court's office in the county where the case was held. 


The OJCIN subscription-based tool is also helpful for obtaining court records in Oregon. It comprises the official register of action from all state courts, including the supreme court, courts of appeal, tax courts, and circuit courts. 

To retrieve certified copies of court records, contact the court staff of local counties by mail, phone call, or visit in person.


The Judicial branch examines and reviews all requested records before releasing them to confirm they do not have confidential or personal information. The request is either denied or the information redacted if any is found.

Can I make a public records request for someone?

In Oregon, it is permitted for an authorized person to request copies of public records for someone else. However, the interested persons must provide written consent from the owner of the records and also provide identifying information or documentation to show their relationship with the owner of the record.


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Retrieving driving records in Oregon

The Oregon DMV is tasked with the upkeep of driving records. It is possible to acquire driving records via online or mail channels. 


The fees vary depending on the type of record requested. Registration and account creation are mandatory via the Oregon DMV website to request records online. 

To obtain records through mail, an appropriate request form must be filled, with a check or money order for the relevant fee included, and sent to the headquarters mailing address at 1905 Lana Ave NE, Salem, OR 97314. 

What is the information contained in Oregon driving records?

The Oregon DMV maintains records like civil driving infractions and license plate information. Some of the civil driving infractions that may show up in a driving record include :

● Driving without insurance
● Speeding
● Failure to obey traffic lights
● Driving without insurance 
● Punishment or fines issued to the record beare

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