Public Records Kansas: How to Find Public Records in Kansas

Public Records Kansas: How to Find Public Records in Kansas

Obtaining and accessing Public Records is a process done across the United States for informational purposes. These records contain general details about an individual or a business, that are collected, created, or compiled by government agencies and are accessible to the public. This article concisely explains how to find various public records in Kansas. 

Public Records Law in Kansas

The Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) is the primary policy that oversees the public's access to public records. The law guarantees that state government entities are accountable and transparent to the people. Under KORA, anybody has the right to request access to public documents. Government entities are expected to make these documents accessible to everyone unless there is a specific cause to keep them confidential.

Is Public Data Search Safe?

Before you search for these public records, you might wonder if it is safe to do so or if it might come with some unwanted attention. Well, the answer is yes, it is safe. The Kansas Public Records Act enables members of the general public to view public records created and kept by governmental organizations safely. 

The risk of using openly available government-run data search services, like the Kansas State Registered Offenders, and third-party search engines, like, is typically low to nonexistent.


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Public Records in Kansas That You Can Access 

Some of the categories of public records that are most frequently requested are:

Kansas Criminal Records

Criminal histories detail a person's arrests, convictions, and sentences. The public can examine the data kept by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and access these records online for a fee.

Kansas Court Records

The state of Kansas operates an online mobile search service for court documents. Each search costs $1.50, and each case you view costs another $1.50. You can also view court records using the eCourt portal or contact the courthouse that maintains the document.

Kansas Property Records

Property records contain information on property ownership, tax assessments, and values. County governments keep these documents, which are open to the public. To obtain this information, visit the Kansas Association of Counties (KAC) website for contact information for all county offices in Kansas, including county appraisers' offices. 

Kansas Vital Records

Birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce rulings are all considered to be vital records. The public can view these records via the Vitalchek portal. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is responsible for keeping these records.

Kansas Business Records

Information regarding businesses registered in Kansas is contained in business records, including tax records, yearly reports, and company filings. The public can access these records via the Kansas Secretary of State Department.


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Records That Are Not Available in Kansas

The following records are not open to the general public in Kansas:
• Records protected by privileges, like attorney-client relationships
• Criminal investigation records
• Records of juvenile offenders
• Personnel information of public employees
• Medical records
• Records that are closed by rules of evidence

Other Means of Accessing Kansas Public Records

Although many public records are now accessible online, some may still need in-person or postal requests. Understanding the Kansas public records request process and any applicable costs and limits is critical.

Public Records Kansas Search: In-Person Requests

People can submit in-person requests for access to public records by going to the government organization that keeps records. You should present identification and indicate the records you seek. The agency may release copies of the documents or need more time to handle the request. You can go to the court where the documents are held if you're looking for court records.
Below is the address and contact info for the Kansas Attorney General's Office, where you will be guided on where to submit specific requests for records.

Kansas Attorney General's Office
120 SW 10th Ave., 2nd Floor
Topeka, KS 66612-1597
Phone: (785) 296-2215
Email: Address

Public Records Kansas Search: Mail Requests

Anyone may also submit public record requests in the form of a letter. You must make your request in writing to the organization in charge of retaining the records. The application should include precise information about the records you're looking for, such as the type of record, time frame, and any other relevant information. 

Before giving you the documents, the agency may need identification and a self-addressed, postmarked envelope. Contact information for the specific records custodian you are interested in mailing can be found on the Kansas Open Records Request System Website.

Public Records Kansas Search: Fees and Restrictions

It is crucial to understand that fees and limits may be attached to public records requests in Kansas. Some records, for example, may be subjected to copying or processing costs, while others may be exempt from disclosure owing to confidentiality or security concerns. 

Furthermore, some records may be limited to particular individuals, such as law enforcement officers or authorized representatives.


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Tips for Effectively Finding Public Records in Kansas

Here are some tips to help you focus your search:

Be sure of the type of record you need: Before you search for documents, it is crucial to be sure of the kind of record you need, as this will help you save time and narrow your search.

Be very clear about what you need: When requesting public records by mail or in person, you must be as specific as possible about the record you seek. Doing this makes it easier for the organization or agency to find the documents.

Check various sources: To ensure you find all the relevant records, check multiple sources. Various organizations and agencies may have different records, so it is wise to widen your search.

Use online tools: Internet databases are an excellent place to start when looking for public records. Numerous Kansas government departments and organizations allow free access to their documents via web portals.

Use keywords: Use relevant terms to narrow your search results when looking for public documents online. Using keywords can help you discover the information you're looking for faster.


Access to public records in Kansas is vital for people looking for information for various reasons. Thankfully, the KORA Act ensures transparency and accountability by allowing the public to access government-held material unless there is a compelling reason to keep it private. 

Anyone can successfully and efficiently find the public records required by following the guidelines and approaches presented here or by using, a third-party online resource for all your public records searches. 

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