Idaho Warrant Search: How to Find Warrant Information in Idaho

Idaho Warrant Search: How to Find Warrant Information in Idaho

If there is an outstanding warrant assigned to your name, it can land you in one of the county jails or in front of a magistrate or grand jury. 


This article describes the various kinds of warrants and how you can find them in Idaho. Here you will learn how to find warrants in Idaho, and how to find data about warrants in the state. 

Types of Idaho warrants

If you suspect you have a warrant, it means the police department believes you committed a crime or have criminal evidence, or the judge seeks to punish you for holding the court in contempt. 

Idaho Arrest warrants 

According to the Idaho Code 7-1112, arrest warrants are legal documents issued when a petition is presented before a judge or a magistrate showing probable cause that the suspect committed a crime. The bench and other criminal tribunals can issue arrest warrants when:

● A summon is unavailable
● There is enough reason to believe that the suspect wouldn't comply with an appearance warrant
● There is a significant risk that the suspect may go into exile from the state


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Execution of arrest warrants in Idaho

Law enforcement agents in Idaho can pick up suspects from any part of the state after a warrant has been issued in their name. Even if it takes years to find the suspects, officers can arrest and detain them whenever and wherever they find them without abusing their rights.

Idaho bench warrants

Idaho bench warrants are documents a judge or court bench provides in response to a person's failure to appear in court or obey court instructions. 


This document permits police officers to arrest and bring the defaulter into custody until their scheduled court hearing. 


You must appear in a court hearing and answer multiple charges or violations if you have a bench warrant. Punishments for most bench warrants in Idaho include fines and community service.

Execution of bench warrants in Idaho

With this warrant, the law enforcers can apprehend the named resident between 8 am and 8 pm and keep them in jail until they comply with the court's wishes. The court discourages officers from executing such warrants after sundown, especially when the person is spotted on private property.

Idaho search warrants

When a judge in Idaho issues a search warrant, it grants police officers the authority to search a location and seize certain items. The warrant contains three essential elements, including:

● the name of a person suspected to be present at a particular address, 
● the physical address itself, and 
● the items that are to be seized

Getting a search warrant in Idaho is not so straightforward; law enforcement officials must provide a sworn written statement outlining the necessity for the warrant due to suspected criminal activity. Additionally, the judges must see a clear indication of a criminal offense. 


At the end of a search operation, the court expects the team to find evidence of that offense at the specified location mentioned in the warrant.


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Idaho fugitive warrants

It is issued when an individual flees from one jurisdiction or state entirely to avoid sentencing after a conviction or evade prosecution after being charged with a crime. Unlike the other types of warrants, it is issued in Idaho but can be executed in another jurisdiction/state where the wanted convicted offender is found or believed to be located.

In essence, it is not necessary for there to be a conviction to justify this warrant; it can be issued when an individual flees the state immediately after being charged with a crime. Failure to address a fugitive warrant can result in extradition, arrest, and detention.

Retrieving Idaho warrant information 

Warrants are part of a person's criminal record; you can request this information online or in person. To retrieve information on outstanding warrants in Idaho, initiate a search through the Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation


The BCI is the central, statewide repository of criminal records collected from all state law enforcement and judicial agencies. You can download a request form here if you need to request a warrant search. 

Note that each request you make costs $10. And you may have to provide the person's fingerprint details and full name when filling out the appropriate forms. If the county doesn't provide the needed information online, you can visit or mail the agency's physical address at 700 S. Stratford Drive, Suite 120, Meridian, ID 83642.

You may also contact the office of the clerk or the state's judicial office for information on the arrest, bench, search, and fugitive warrants in Idaho. These offices maintain court dockets for all the tribunals in their jurisdiction. 


Close up on businessman holding a wooden block with

The most visited warrant search systems across Idaho counties:

Canyon County – Caldwell

Address: Canyon County Sheriff's Office
1115 Albany St Rm.137 Caldwell, ID 83605
Contact number: 208-454-7273
Online resource: Canyon County

Ada County 

Address: Sheriff's office, 7200 Barrister Dr. Boise, ID 83704
Phone Contact: (208) 577-3000 (Primary)

Kootenai County – Coeur d’Alene

Online resource for active warrants List – KC sheriff

Bonneville County – Idaho Falls

Address: Bonneville County Sheriff's Office, 605 N Capital Ave Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
Contact number: (208) 529-1200

Tips for finding and resolving warrants in Idaho

Here are some other tips to find and resolve warrants in Idaho:

Use third-party websites to save time provides warrant information quickly, provided you have a good network connection and have inputted the right keywords into the search bar.

Hire an attorney 

Attorneys can help you resolve warrants without going into custody, and when they can't, they negotiate with the prosecutors for minimal punishments, fines, or jail sentences.

Always stay informed 

Ensure you keep up-to-date with any court dates or legal proceedings related to the warrant. Work with your attorney to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

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