How to Find Taylor County Jail Records?

How to Find Taylor County Jail Records?

Taylor County has a comprehensive and highly functional jail record-keeping system. It is simple to obtain criminal records on residents and visitors (*so far they committed the crime within the county's jurisdiction). 

In contrast to the past, where you had to walk into a district clerk's office to make such inquiries, you can now rely on the internet and the accurate digital records kept by the county to do your search online. To perform the search, you are required to have an important piece of information, and that is a keyword. 

The keyword can be the name of the person whose records you are seeking or other essential information, like their address, or booking number. This article goes over everything about Taylor county jail records and how you can search through its efficient record system to find updated criminal data about an individual.

What Exactly are the Taylor County Jail Records?

Taylor County jail records are public records that contain details about individuals arrested, retained, or incarcerated in the county's jail. 


They include the individual's name, date of birth, physical description, bail amount, court dates, allegations, court judgment, and other relevant details.

The Taylor county sheriff and the police department keep, maintain and update these records to assist law enforcement agencies in their investigations, display a transparent justice system, and ensure public safety. You may request to inspect these documents depending on the state and federal laws surrounding the case.


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Types of Taylor County Jail Records 

The following are the various forms of jail records in Taylor county:

Taylor County Arrest Records

This includes property and violent crime information within each jurisdictional area in the county. You can contact the Sheriff's office at (478) 862 5444, or you may visit the office at 103 Ivy Street, Butler, GA 31006, to request a copy of the information about a person.

Taylor County Criminal records

This includes descriptions of all forms of illegal activities, including arson, rape, murder, burglary, motor vehicle theft, sexual offenses, and assaults. It also includes comprehensive details of all inmates and released offenders within Taylor county. 

You can visit the Sheriff's office to gain access to these records, or you may use their online search tool from the comfort of your room.

Taylor County Court records

This includes details about family, civil, and criminal cases handled by various Taylor County courts. These details include court dates, calendars, acquittals, judgments, and dismissals. The court clerks keep and update them, and you may find them at Number 2, North Broad Street, Butler, GA 31006. Their phone and fax numbers are as follows:

Phone: (478) 862-5594 
Fax: (478) 862-5334

Where Can I Access Taylor County Jail Records Asides From the Sheriff's County's Office?

Different government agencies in the criminal legal system keep information about various crimes. Here are the relevant agencies you can contact to request an individual's illegal status claims:

Note that you may also use these agencies to cross-check information you obtained from previous sources.

Police departments 

Consult law enforcement agencies aside from the Sheriff's main office to access data on dispatch communications, stops, searches, arrests, and charges within their jurisdictions. 


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Prosecutors' offices 

Various prosecutor offices around Taylor county keep vital information on cases referred from the Sheriff's office and other police departments. You may assess case files, bail documents, and additional information about a prosecutor-led diversion and resolved cases to learn more about a person's jail records.


The court possesses the largest to the tiniest detail on all cases filed in decades. You may find bail determinations, case histories, case outcomes, dockets, and judicial calendars related to the person whose records you seek.

Departments of corrections 

Visit the county's correctional institutions to learn more about the individual's probation, parole, and occurrence of recidivism.

Probation offices

You can visit a probation officer to request a person's rotation and parole violation details or learn more about their jail records.

Is It Possible To Obtain Confidential Taylor County Jail Records?

Most Taylor County jail records are public records. However, if you are having a hard time with your requests to gain access to them, you may apply the following tips: 

Write a coherent request

When writing your proposal to the relevant authorities, concisely state the information your need. If you have an idea of the name of the exact document, include it. Also, add other data points and parameters, encouraging them to authorize your requests quickly. 

Make flexible requests 

Considering the information you seek may not be available, it is better to be flexible with your requests. This way, if the exact document is unavailable, they may provide you with the closest information. You may also be flexible with how you ask for the information to be provided rather than limiting their options. For instance, you may mail the Taylor county clerk to provide the requested details in any machine-readable format.


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Pay the necessary fees 

If you notice that your request has been held up for a while and you have yet to pay any fees, we advise you to contact the Clerk or government agency handling the information to inquire if there are fees to pay. Some agencies allow fee waivers, although you have to request them.

How to Get Quick Access to Taylor County Jail Records

If the Sheriff's, court clerk's, or other agencies' offices tell you it will take significant time to send you the required records, you can efficiently break down your requests into smaller bits. Ask for the most likely documents and let them know they can send the rest as they become available. This way, you can conclude your investigation earlier or have essential accurate records to build a report.


It is imperative to take time out to look at the jail records of friends, neighbors, distant family members, and potential employees. It helps you decide if you want to be in proximity to them. But if you feel the entire process described above is stressful, we have another option.

When searching for Taylor County jail records, save time and energy by entering a keyword into the search engine. Our tool can go through thousands of Taylor county public records to display results based on your inputted keywords.

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