Free Background Check: How to Perform a Free Background Check Online

Free Background Check: How to Perform a Free Background Check Online

If cost is the primary reason you're hesitating to run a background check on a neighbor, business associate, or organization, then you'll be happy to know that you can run free background checks without paying any dime. A free background check provides almost the same amount and quality of information as a paid check.

In this article, we'll go through what a free background check entails and how you can quickly and efficiently perform one without stepping out of your home.

But first, let's give a rundown of a background check.

Overview of a Background Check and What You Need to Know

A background check is a process that reviews a person or organization's records and previous behaviors. You can use this process to verify if a person is who they claim to be. It uncovers their identity, commercial, criminal, academic, employment, and financial records. You can find out almost anything that interests you with one of these checks.

Many companies and employers run background checks when hiring new employees. It helps them keep their workers' and customer information safe. It also removes negative publicity and ensures they recruit the best persons in character and brilliance.
If you have a small workforce or only household staff, you can validate information on a potential worker's application with a background check. You determine the criteria you want to use to assess the candidate.

It's worth mentioning that people also run background checks on you. They do it to evaluate your professional viability and ensure you fit into their workplace's culture.


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Do You Know You Can Run a Totally Free Background Check?

True people search offers a free technique to run background checks in a few minutes. It is one of the few sites offering this valuable feature for free, and only a few people know. 


Rather than go through the time-consuming detective process of searching for a person's basic information, you can turn to to get the exact details at once without any fees involved.

Free background checks are helpful when you want to learn more about a suspicious roommate, neighbor, or new business connection. It's always good to know who you're living or working with. The checks provide all the essential information you need to corroborate their claims or discover more details.

Information You Can Find Using Truepeoplesearch Free Background Checks 

True people search has one of the best search engine tools that deliver accurate information about millions of people in the United States. Here is some of the information you may receive in our report:

Public Records 

Public records are non-confidential details about a person that anyone can access. It includes contact information, marital status, residential history, driving records, court cases, and other documented transactions with government agencies. 

Concluded arrest histories are available in these public records in most states. However, not all states provide all the information you need about arrests, warrants, or convictions in their public databases. You may also access a person's details in the state's sex-offense crime register.

There's no reason to visit these agencies' offices to review the records. You can get all of them at your fingertips with a click on 

Note that public records sometimes do not have everything you need because the affected persons asked for some information to be made private. For example, in California, couples can make their marriage licenses confidential or public.


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Social Media 

Social media reveals a person's online activities, such as posts, comments, likes, channels, and profiles. Online tools like true people search and manual searches through social media platforms provide all valuable and accurate information about a person. You may use data from social media-free background searches to verify a person's behavioral and professional claims. 

For instance, looking through the individual's active Twitter account will reveal the person's character. At the same time, a look through their LinkedIn account will show their employment history, academic history, and skills.

How to Run Free Background Checks 

The following are the general ways to carry out free background checks:

● Search engines: This involves using search engines like Google to search for a person's name, location, social media profiles, or address.

● Social media: A person's social media profile activities on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook can provide several personal information about them. 

● Public records: These are available general information like court records, marriage records, property records, etc.

Valuable Tips for Conducting Free Background Checks 

Here are some tips you ought to know to make your search straightforward:

Understand legal limitations: Familiarize yourself with the legal regulations for people searches in your locality and state before completing a free background check. Also, note the information that is legal to obtain and those that aren't.

Streamline your search: Focus your search on specific details to save time. If you want to verify their criminal records, education, or employment history, stick to those public records and social media databases.

Crosscheck your information: Search through multiple sources to verify all data. If you come across a conflicting detail, investigate further.

Bottom Line: Check Out an Easier Way to Perform Free Background Checks Online Using

Now that you know all about free background searches, you already understand that a free online search with will save you valuable time. Follow these steps to perform background checks online without paying: 


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Step 1: Find the right keyword

The keyword could be any of the person's basic information. Regardless of the type of background check you're working on, finding the person's full name, address, or phone number is the first step in the right direction. You don't need all this information; only one is enough.

Step 2: Log into the website 

Once you're here, you'll see some buttons requesting you to input the person's name and state of residence. Remember, the search is free; you don't need to pay to input the information. 

Step 3: Click search and wait for the results

Our search engine takes less than a minute to display the relevant information related to your keyword. It scours hundreds of thousands of local, state, and federal agencies' public records and millions of social media profiles to provide the information in seconds.

Start a Background Check Search

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